Building The Ultimate Garage Man Cave Part 1

Today we start building the Ultimate Man Cave in my garage, now I only have a 1 car garage currently and no I’m not rich But, I will be building this Man Cave with 90% dumpster diving finds and sponsored products. Make sure you subscribe for Parts 2-4

In this episode Part 1, let me go over which products are what.

Dumpster Diving Finds
– metal slat wall organizers
– slat wall hooks and hangers
– 52″ Samsung TV LCD
– PS2
– Sony Blu-ray DVD player
– Flat TV Wall Mount
– ikea shelves
– LED lights
– Double sided tape

Sponsored Products
– Fleximounts TV Wall Mount:
UK shoppers:
– Soldering Iron:

I Already Owned Products
– 46″ Westinghouse LED TV
– brackets for ikea shelves


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