Man Cave DIY Home Theater on a Budget with a 12 Foot Diagonal Screen

This is my humble and utilitarian home theater setup. It is geared towards watching movies, although sports looks great too! I think if I were doing it over I’d go a tad smaller on the screen…it’s almost overwhelming. I mixed up a special paint. It’s called MaxxMudd-RS LL. To get the lowdown on the mix visit AVS Forums in the DIY Screen section. Tons of info on painted screens. The screen looks fantastic. It has a gain of about 1.2 to 1.4 Under $100 bucks for the materials to paint this screen and the results can be excellent if you take your time and do it right. I kept the ceiling joists exposed but painted them a flat black. I was worried this wouldn’t turn out, but it looks awesome, I was going for the industrial look and I think it turned out better than I was hoping for. The fronts screen wall is also flat black, and I built a velvet frame for the custom painted screen. The JVC projector is really great. It is one of the best at producing deep rich blacks and vibrant colors that really pop. Had an ISF calibration done. The picture quality is astonishing. The black carpet I put in really looks great, but a warning to anyone doing a project like this…black shows every piece of lint and any dust that may be on shoes or feet. Keep that in mind. The rest of the room I painted in a grey color, with bone white for the trim (more beige than white really). The biggest thing about building a projector based home theater is light control. I cannot stress that enough. You need absolute ambient light control if you want to have a high quality high contrast picture. I was lucky and was able to build from scratch, there are no windows in the room, which is ideal. If you are building your man-cave in a room with windows, do not skimp on your solution for controlling the light. There are some minor things I have to finish, such as moldings around the AV rack, and I’m probably going to get a Harmony remote to bring it all together. A simple Z-Wave lighting system will be next, which will be run through the All-in-one remote. Here are the particulars: 14×19 basement theater. 8′ ceilings, JVC RS-10 Projector, Infinity Entra 7.1 speaker system, Pioneer Elite Receiver, LG Blu-ray, Digital cable DVR, 148″ diagonal MaxxMudd RS-LL screen. If you’ve got the space you could build a room like this for around $5000 or so, give or take a few bucks.

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